One click video stream

I have a EA8500. It is used on a 1 Gb/s connection. I am wondering if the hardware specs of the router are sufficient under that load and if it is possible to set up the following project.

I want to take a live stream and whenever someone presses some wifi connected button, it stream it to a particular chromecast. When the button gives another command, it stops the stream. When a different button is pressed. It streams it to a different chromecast. The button will have another command it sends to stop the stream.

My main concern is that this is going to effect wifi perform heavily since the router is already under such a load from the internet connection.

You will have to actually test it, but 1 GBit/s wire-speed with NAT and potentially PPPoE might currently not be possible on ipq806x with the QCA8337 switch driver (there is potential for improvement, once the qca8k DSA switch driver gets merged; QCA fastpath might be able to help today, but this is less likely to be merged).

For those high speeds (significantly above 500 MBit/s) x86 hardware is hard to beat (especially when further requirements like VPN join the picture), currently mt7621 based devices might also be better optimized than ipq806x to deal with those WAN speeds (despite the SOC itself being considerably slower, again, this might change once qca8k is finished).

For this particular router, I have NAT off and it is bridging WAN and LAN. I will not be running any kind of VPN on it. The VPN is going to be on the front router that runs the NAT.

I was curious if someone already has something like this set up.