Omada EAP610 vs Unifi 6 Lite

First off, I should say that I'm definitely OK using stock firmware now for something that will get OpenWRT support later. Just need to buy hardware soon-ish and want something that will be eventually supported.

I'm trying to decide between the Unifi 6 Lite and the Omada EAP610. They are very similar APs. According to the Table of Hardware, The Unifi 6 Lite seems to be supported now, and a similar AP to the EAP610 (the EAP615-Wall). Unfortunately I am in an apartment, so I can't make the required hole in the way for the EAP615-Wall.

I'm not really a fan of Ubiquiti stuff from past experience, but there's a strong chance that is all related to software and not hardware. I will be using these devices solely as APs, probably two SSIDs on different tagged VLANs. Which way should I go? Given the similarities between the EAP615-Wall and EAP610, how likely is it that the EAP610 will be supported in a few months or that this would be something that I could contribute?

Other things I saw but did not consider because it was not clear they would ever be supported or there have been not great reviews of the hardware:

  • EnGenius EWS357AP
  • Netgear WAX214

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • for EAP615 you can use a 86 mm surface-mounted wall junction box so you only need to drill two small screw holes
  • there appears to be an EAP610v3 in the pipeline that uses same Mediatek chipset as the EAP615
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