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Hi guys. I have a simple question regarding OpenWrt. Basically, since I have been experiencing some (known) WLAN issues on this particular dlink 878 router with OpenWrt, I was thinking to try out dd-wrt to see if it performs more consistently wireless-wise. Currently, I have a classic FTTH configuration, with an ISP provided Huawei HG8145V5. I called my ISP in order to allow for my own router to be used, they gave me a PIN code that I used in their captive portal to be able to use my router on their network. I receive an internet facing WAN IP and all is good.

However, after installing dd-wrt on the same device, now their network recognizes it as a new device, asking for the same auth process. I am really baffled because the MAC address of the WAN interface is the same. If I revert to the Openwrt firmware, all works again, so this means they must employ some additional checks.

Therefore, I am wondering what exactly could make my router unique and which settings I could copy for dd-wrt to work. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


Could be everything in the DHCP and/or DHCPv6 request your device is sending to their DHCP server. Think: hostname, DUID, currently leased address to be re-leased, ...

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