OLSR, routes don't appear - DNS doesn't appear

Hey all,

I'm setting up an OpenWRT router to do OLSR mesh with other devices using a flavor of OpenWRT called Broadband Hamnet.


There are two major features that I'm unable to duplicate from exposed configs on those devices onto plain OpenWRT:

  • The hostnames of each node in OLSR can be found in the downstream client's DNS, hence they must exist in dnsmasq
  • The announced subnets enter the Kernel routing table, no route entries appear - neither locally or remotely on or for my OpenWRT node

I'm certain I'm missing something; but unsure what. If anyone has had success with this, please share your knowledge. Thanks!

I've tried:

  • Setting olsrd with the dnsmasq pid filename
  • Changing RtRoute to '3'