Old printer connected to a USB/ParPort PL2305

Do you know if it is possible to run an old EPSON EPL-5200 printer connected to a USB / parallel port adapter IEEE-1284 PL2305 067b: 2305 ?

it would be interesting to make it work in WIFI !!!

If you have working Epson printer drivers for Windows, linux and can print to the old Epson using the USB to parallel adapter, then perhaps it may be possible to connect it to an Openwrt router (with USB) running p910nd print server daemon, to provide ethernet access to the printer?


If the parallel to USB adapter requires its own drivers, then I think it will fail. Only other option is to use HP Jetdirect 170x or 300x which offers parallel port to Ethernet.

Depending on the router, it could perhaps be configured as a relayd bridge to wirelessly connect to an existing wireless network?

Note it is very unlikely you will be able to print from any smart phone or tablet, because there probably isn't any drivers for your ancient Epson.

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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No problem for normal USB Printer i use with MT-300 or WT3020

Ok for HP Jetdirect 170x ...

No problem, run fine with EPL-3000 driver ( WIndows Catalog Update )

There is a Linux kernel module to drive the PL2305 called usblp but it does not seem to be an OpenWrt package.

Another option is they use to make a wired and wireless print server with a parallel port already installed so no usb to parallel adapter required. Though I don't remember the make and model. Pick up one of these likely has only 10/100 but that is more then enough.

Ah here is one:: https://www.ebay.com/itm/203666061640?hash=item2f6b717948:g:T0AAAOSw535ha4sx

I have an ancient HP LaserJet 6MP that has a parallel to USB cable and it is plugged into an Airport Express which is wired to my network. This works perfectly, but a large part of this is that the printer drivers still exist and/or the printer works as a generic postscript printer. Mobile printing is not an option, though -- the printer and print-server don't support airprint or any other cloudprint protocols.

Not OpenWrt, but addresses the general need of the OP.

I have found a JetDirect 170x and running fine

Only a problem with WebPage empty . Finnaly configuration is possible with telnet

JetDIrect 170x connected to a OpenWrt MT300 used in repeater/ relay mode with my box ( Orange LiveBox 5 ) run fine ...

usblp module is kmod-usb-printer

fwiw, a quick google search suggests it could be a java issue?

Some info on subject here
Reddit: How on God's green earth do you configure a Jetdirect in 2018?

suggests using portable Firefox & portable Java 6, This thread may be helpful?

In web mode I succeeded with an old laptop and Windows XP. But there again I had security problems with the web page and "forbidden meaning signs" which had to be forced

It's a lot of time spent while with telnet / Putty it's very fast