Offload option missing!

Archer A6v3, latest snapshot.
The software and hardware offload options aren't there under firewall anymore! Have they been relocated somewhere else?

Snapshot was just switched to firewall4/nftables as the default firewall. This luci commit from yesterday may address after it is compiled into the pre-built images:
luci-base: properly detect flow offloading capabilities with nftables

Or perhaps offload capability is just detected automatically and used if present now? Someone more knowledgeable than I would need to comment.

You might also try enabling offload manually in /etc/config/firewall:

config defaults
        option flow_offloading '1'
        option flow_offloading_hw '0'

One caution: HW offloading is presently reported to cause random reboots on MT7621, hence '0' above.

I just gave it a try. No discernible impact on CPU load in htop during iperf3 testing or change in throughput. I'm getting ~470 Mbps whether or not I add above to /etc/config/firewall (and reboot).


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