Offline installation of picocom & uqmi

How can I install the picocom & uqmi packages (with all?! their dependencies) offline?
For example download some files to notebook and transfer them? (how / luci interface?) to the router to install them there?
Hope there is an easy way to do so?

It all depends. If you have installed e.g. support for USB-storage on your router already, transferring the files there would be easy, but if you haven't installed USB-storage, CIFS or anything like that, the only option is SCP, ie. file-transfer over SSH.

Where to find all the packages? Well, the file /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf contains the URLs where it would download the files from, so just download them all from there and install one-by-one with opkg what you need. If opkg says a dependency is missing, then install that dependency first.

Ok sounds good, how would the installation work since it's not "opkg install xxxx" but the file/folder location?

Install still opkg install xxxx, it's just opkg install xxxx.ipk, ie. you just supply the filename to it instead.

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