Official Wazuh client, possible?


Would an official Wazuh client be possible?
I think this would be a great addition to have.

That would be a question for Wazuh themselves, no?

Yeah, I don't how this works.
I am just a simple user.
I will post there.


Hmm, I might try to install from sources on the device itself?
Sure to be slow going...

You can try, but having had a cursory read of the package install instructions it looks like it may use or depends upon systemd, in which case you're SOL I'm afraid!

EDIT it also uses SysVInit, but you'd need to follow the OpenWRT build environment instructions first. Even then, it does have a dependency on a specific version of CMake...

You're going to have an adventure!

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Ohh, sounds difficult, I guess I'd rather not try.
Thanks for the information!

Wouldnt [Monitoring network devices with Wazuh | Wazuh]]( be the way to go? Allowing an openwrt router to forward logs to a Wazuh server and then configure Wazuh to trigger on Openwrt-related alerts. [ (]

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I will have to research this information.

I need to learn to forward syslog data.

Thanks for the links!