Off-the-shelf, available, OpenWrt compatible 802.11ac or 802.11ax router supporting 802.11s (mesh)


I'm searching for off-the-shelf, available routers that supports 802.11s (mesh) and are currently fully supported by OpenWRT, 802.11ac (good) or 802.11ax (best), Wi-Fi router. Bonus if it has external antenna support through *-sma.

In particular, I don't want to have to "hope" for compatible hardware version, as for example for the for which there is a new version that is not supported by OpenWRT, which means I cannot buy it without risking to have an incompatible board.

I'm also searching for routers for which people know 802.11s works, and not just on which "iw phy" pretends so…

I know WLE900vx support that (I tested them, in apu4c4, I get maybe 400Mbps with 2 antennas and multi-hop works) but I'm searching for an off-the-shelf router.

Multiple related threads on the forum didn't give me definitive answers:

Do you all have some recommendations ? Thanks !

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I haven't watched this yet, but check out which does reference some hardware.

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