ODM supporting recent versions of OpenWrt?

Apparently a lot of ODMs are building their firmware on OpenWRT 14.04 (very old!).

Does anyone know OpenWRT friendly ODM companies which are using a more recent version of OpenWRT?

Thanks in advance


They forked OpenWrt at the time of 14.04, but this doesn't mean they use all the outdated source versions of there needed packages.
So it is not an real OpenWrt 14.04.

GL iNet is one of this companies which uses recent openwrt versions i think...

ODM is like white-label, a company can ask an ODM to produce hardware for them and put their own logo on it.

Thank you for pointing out GL-iNet, I also have found them during my research, on their LinkedIn and Alibaba store page they claim to provide also ODM services.

I've found also ZBT and Winstar, but not sure if they use up to date versions. I'm still looking for more options in case there are, if anybody knows, please let us know.

Update: also got in touch with YunCore (China) and ALFA Network (Taiwan).

From what I understood GL-iNet is staying pretty close to vanilla OpenWrt and they seem to be helpful and to respect the idea of FOSS. I don't know how ZBT's and Winstar's stance is. Never heard about the latter. Not too convinced the former is playing nice.