Odhcpd as ipv4 DHCP w/unbound DNS


I just installed my first 17.04.1 instance as an upgrade from CC. I want to use the odhcpd/unbound combo for DHCP v4/v6 and DNS, disabling dnsmasq.

I had it working somewhat, however, it did not seem as if odhcpd is honoring the /etc/config/dhcp start and limit options for ipv4. I'm following the recipe here:

Is this a known issue?

What are you missing / problems specifically?

The specific problem is that odhcpd is not honoring the IPv4 start address and limit. It is assigning addresses outside of the range that I want.

Ok, you wrote it in the first place ;- ) Never set / ckecked specific paramater for myself. Do you checked for existing bug reports / created one?


Bug report opened. FS #1438.

Thanks for the link to report...