Odhcp versus dnsmasq

Hi All,

I have a question about odhcp and dnsmasq.
On my router i have configured my own internal DNS server using entirely using dnsmasq.
dnsmasq also provides ntp settings, default gateway settings and bootp/pxe boot environment using the DHCP configuration lines.
Now my question is do i need odhcp ?
Currently i have it disabled at startup but i cannot get it clear to me what is does and if i need it.

Can someone help and explain to me if it add's value to dnsmasq ?

Klaas Eenkhoorn

odhcpd is usually only used for the IPv6 side of things (yes, there is a full -non-default- version that could also replace dnsmasq completely), in particular DHCPv6 and prefix delegation; dnsmasq however covers IPv4 DHCP and DNS for IPv4 and IPv6.

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I am using unbound as DNS resolver and I wanted to get rid of dnsmasq so I am using odhcpd, but if you are not I think you are fine.