OC200 High Cost and Slow Boot Time

Hi all. I have a few questions about the TP-Link OC200 and after searching the web, it looks like you are most likely the ones who can answer them.

As some background, I am an IT service provider and install TP-Link products using OC200 controllers to manage the networks. I've been frustrated with the internet check-in response time of the OC200, which is 5 minutes. For comparison, their ER605 router is operational in 2 minutes. Based on SonicWall and other routers, 2 minutes is a fairly reasonable boot/check-in cycle. Further, the OC200 is $100 and the ER605 is $65. So, my questions are:

  • Why is the OC200 so expensive? Those of you who know the hardware better might be able to answer that.
  • Why does it take 5 minutes to check-in with the Omada website? I figure the OC200 is booted before 2 minutes. So what is it doing with the extra 3 minutes?

I've talked to TP-Link support and they have no answers. It gets worse with their 3-in-1 ER7212-PC which is a router with a built in controller. It takes an outrageous 9 minutes to check-in with Omada online. The router itself is operational in 2 minutes, but the controller takes an additional 7 minutes to check-in. TP-Link support said that because it is integrated, we should expect it should take longer to check-in. I told them that because it's integrated, I expect it should take LESS time to check in. The best they could do is to ask their engineers to look into it.

While they are blowing smoke up my butt, I thought I would ask some really smart guys what's really going on. So, does anyone have any thoughts?

From some other posts, I was hoping that @stintel or @svanheule might especially have some insight. Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

Can you clarify how this relates to OpenWrt?

I relates to OpenWrt because there is only one group of people who work with the hardware of the OC200 (from a Google search) that seem to be intelligent enough and willing enough to discuss it. Honestly, I'm reaching for straws at this point. Nobody knows why it's slow and their support and engineers are keeping things covered up. If nobody here wants to talk about it because it's not actually discussing OpenWrt, I get it and will go away quietly. But if someone is willing to give some honest answers based on what they know of the hardware and possibly the software/firmware, I'd appreciate it.

While the ER605 can run OpenWrt, the OC200 is not supported.
It seems the conversation for the OC200 largely died out about a year and a half ago because the hardware really isn't that attractive for modern OpenWrt development. As to why it is so expensive, only TP-Link can answer that. And the check-in-time for Omada -- that's also a TP-Link question since only their devices (running their firmware) work within the Omada ecosystem.

It would be a very different thing if you were planning to run OpenWrt on these devices and were asking for specific information about OpenWrt performance. However, it sounds like you are (or are planning to) use the Omada environment.

This forum is specific to OpenWrt and closely related topics (i.e. using an OpenWrt router with a managed switches and the like). The questions you are asking do not seem to overlap with OpenWrt at all since you aren't planning to use this hardware with OpenWrt.

With that in mind, please use other forums and support channels for your questions -- perhaps there are some general networking forums where you may be able to get answers.

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