Object storage server?


Is there a way to use the router as a simple (S3 compatible) object storage server? That way it could be used as a NAS from multiple over the internet... I cannot find such packages, but I can't believe I'm the only one with this need.

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Do you know any open source software which does provide such functionality?

If yes, we can create a official package for openwrt.

There are quite a few. This is one example: s3-fuse

This is only a client, the op asked especially for a package which provides a s3 compatible storage server.

Could be a wording issue. The second sentence led me to believe that the router would be a NAS-proxy to an S3 storage, but I could be wrong.

MinIO is one of the most used S3 storage server and under Apache 2.0

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Yes, I meant the router could act as an s3 server with a usb disk attached

minio sounds promising

Which architecture do you plan to run your s3 storage server?
For arm and x86 you can use docker to run minio.

Well I guess the Archer C1200 has an ARM processor inside. Not sure if openwrt can run docker, but minio seems to be a go project, so it can be compiled to a native ARM binary, right?

Official Docker needs a 64bit host OS, there is a docker 32bit project but that's a whole extra can of worms.

There where some pull-requests recently regarding docker, the more important question would be how much RAM does minio + docker need to run properly?

??? What about raspberry pi wirh armhf (armv7-a) = 32 Bit ???

Recently??? We have docker since july 2019 in master for x86 (2793d55fe) and since November 2019 for arm and arm64 (a6be45ba66).

No clue either my info is outdated and there now is 32bit OS support or they use a special version.

Thats "recently" for me in openwrt terms, i have not yet noticed any bigger docker/openwrt talks, so i suspect its only used by some enthusiasts. Even if you run it as 32bit daemon you now also need 32bit containers or build them yourself. Most containers i used are all based on 64bit images.

Recently??? We have docker since july 2019 in master for x86 (2793d55fe) and since November 2019 for arm and arm64 (a6be45ba66 ).

Now, I am surprised. I have been looking this info many times with no success. Everybody said, this is not possible. Today I tried on WRT1900ACS (v19.07.2) and it says

root@OpenWrt:~# docker -info
-ash: docker: not found

In opkg no such package as docker-ce.
Should I install something additional?

As i told you, support for arm cpus was added in November 2019 by me and you are using 19.07 which was branched July 2019 from master.
So no docker for arm on 19.07, you have to use the snapshot builds to get docker on arm.

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Nothing is impossible :wink:


Dude, you made my day! :smiley:
Now i have to read, how to build and deploy snapshot build without brick my device :stuck_out_tongue:
Unfortunetly this is my only device i have, so i hope, that snapshot will be stable enough.
By the way, when +- commit from November 2019 (with docker) is planned to be released?

There are prebuilt snapshot releases that are built in a round robin manner.
They are almost stable, but sometimes there could be something broken.
How stable they are depends heavily on the target.
I've using only the snapshot builds of x86_64, imx6 and ath79 for over two years now.

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