Nslookup fail since latest busybox 1.30.1-6

nslookup for my FQDNs (DDNS) fails on the router with OpenWrt (message: can't find... no answer).
I can nslookup from PC behind router and outside from LAN.

I'm quite sure this must be a bug and the problem occurs since latest busybox update.
Another related problem is that port forwarding does not work since the update.

Didn't change anything on firewall or dns/dhcp config.

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nslookup example.org
nslookup example.org

Does it fail in both cases?

Both works on the router.

nslookup myserver.ddns.net

does not work.

It looks similar:

Got the following problems:

Port forwarding / NAT loopback fails. Server behind router not reachable via public DNS from inside outside LAN.
Can't ping WAN ip from outside LAN.

Does downgrading BusyBox help?

Please provide a smartphone (etc) nslookup over an alternate wan connection to verify your ddns record is uptodate available ( full debugging output of your ddns daemon sanitized would also be useful )

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@vgaetera, thank you for your solution provided link (Limit BusyBox symlinks/binaries to /bin and /sbin).
In the meantime, I reinstalled some packages (dnsmasq-full, firewall, adblock,...) and installed odhcpd (ipv4 version), additionally, which was installed as ipv6-only.
Restarted the router and everything works fine!
I've read the posts in the link above and it seems, the busybox update overwrote some packages and this might cause the issues.

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