Nowhere to assign zones

Hello, everyone

I'm using the latest official snapshot for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, with LuCI installed. It's working OK. However, I can't find firewall setting tab to assign zones when editing interfaces. Do I miss something?



On a fresh 19.07.0 install on a normal router (so not snapshot and not on a Pi), you just have to look at the top of the page for the "Firewall settings" tab -- click it and you will be able to assign the zones. If you're not seeing the same thing, please post a full screen grab of your interface. Worst case, you can do this manually with UCI commands and/or direct editing of the config files.

I think you understand my question, but editing /etc/config/firewall works. It's just missing in LuCI. Interfaces set-up won't help, I believe. Thanks.

LuCI hides firewall operations if the undelrying /etc/config/firewall is corrupt. Run uci show firewall >/dev/null on the CLI and look for errors.

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Adding to the advice from @jow - if you start from a completely default configuration, does the zone assignment tab show up?

You mentioned you were running snapshot -- do you have a specific need/desire to do so, or would the official release of 19.07.0 work for your needs? If the problem exists on a default configuration in snapshot but not in the release version, maybe there is a bug in one of the snapshot commits -- could be worth testing and reporting (if it indeed consistent), but also keep in mind that snapshots do sometimes contain bugs like that, too.

Nothing shows up after running uci show firewall >/dev/null. Guess it is an error inherent in the firmware.

I had absolutely no desire to install a snapshot on my Pi router, because it didn't have LuCI and it was very hard for a first-timer like me to mess with the command line interface for OpenWrt. Snapshot is all I get. They don't have any release yet for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. The custom firmware I built couldn't properly install some driver for a USB to Ethernet adapter I intended to use with RPi and and even that broken one took me considerable time to make it right.

Default configuration didn't give me the assignment tab from the beginning, I'm pretty sure. I would not have dived into using command line interface if there was anything equivalent could be done with LuCI. As I said, this is my first time using OpenWrt.

This snapshot (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r12021-a3dd95ef63) could not correctly install Nginx for LuCI either, by the way.