Not getting gigabit line rate using default openwrt images

Hi I'm using OpenWRT 19.07.3 on NXP LS1088ARDB. I have a 1Gbps down / 50 Mbps up plan, and I was testing my internet speed. I found my download speed would fall around 70 Mbps and my upload speed would be as listed around 50 Mbps. I am using a default openwrt build I downloaded off the repository. Why am I not getting line rate?

Not many devices can sustain those speed, specially using the default software NAT. 2hat are the specs on the LS1088ARDB?

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The LS1088ARDB has eight 1Gbps ports, and two 10Gpbs ports. I have gotten full line rate before using a default openwrt build, but now any image i flash onto the device my connection speed is capped.

This seems like a high end device:

8 core 1.8GHz ARM A53 CPU

Only costs $1850 !!!!!

Maybe check what the load is on each of the cores?