Not Enough Memory

I have a Netgear R6220 router with 128mb flash and 128 mb ram. I currently have manually only installed adblock and sqm installed on the router and everything works for awhile but now when I go to change my sqm settings I cant because of low memory. I'm not sure how this is but there's only 6% of free space left on the router, any advice will be appreciated.

128 MB RAM are not a whole lot, if you enable lots of blocklists for adblock - select wisely, rather than ticking all checkboxes.


only have about 3 blocklist

The amount of block lists is probably less important than the amount of blocked domains.
One list with 100k domains is still larger than five lists with 10k domains in each.

For the fun of it, try disabling the adblocker, and see if the router feels better.

If you want to avoid ads in the mean time, point your DNSes to any of the pi-holes listed

Only use the S and M lists, keep away from the XL and XXL lists. They are to large for your available ram.

In my case I also see he memory leak on trunk builds on mt7621

adblock is no longer on my router and yet im still experiencing errors when trying to access openwrt interface and ssh doesn't work either.

Are you accessing your devices by IP or name?