Not another TL-WR841N v14... but it is

  • Yes... I am aware of the snapshot created by Mr. Muller.
  • No... I do not need the latest version, just a functioning version, like one on a TL-WR741N/ND v4. I have 18.06.7 on it and I'm fine.
  • Just don't want the stock firmware as it has already buffer overflow vulnerability discovered. I did try to update via the webpage but it gives me the error 4503... WITH THE TPLINK FIRMWARE...
    And what I want is stability, even though the 18 version has some issues with th ewr741N on N mode and 40mhz... I just use it un 20mhz and that's all, it works fine and it is stable.

I'm just looking for an easier way to flash the file into the router, I mean, I know the chinese are mean, but damn, not even the factory firmware can be loaded via the webpage.

Just looking for some assurance that the tftp method won't brick the device or some workaround to flash via the webpage.


I tried the tftp method with the OEM firmware, since I wanted to update it.

It does not work, the router goes into boot loop (all 3 leds flashing and the center one going from green to orange).

Definitively TP-Link did something bad for their users here.

FYI anyone trying to unbrick its device from the oem tftp update.

Follow the instructions on this youtube video:

Here's the TL-DR:
You need to tftp the openwrt snapshop to the v14 (on the video there are the links for the files, I hope the mods do not get mad, but this is the best solution so far to get the device working again).

Then, at least you will have a working router to then flash the oem firmware.

After flash, you need to copy the oem firmware via winscp.
Write the firmware using winscp console or terminal.

And that shall be it.

I actually bought the cp2102 usb to ttl thingy to try to recover the damn thing but using the above method is actually easier.

You can flash any version of the oem firmware, I used the US version because it has the latest fix and it is in english anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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