Not able to play DRM Protected content

I'm not able to play DRM Protected content. It was working flawless just few days back. This is the error I get when I access DRM Protected content. App is Hotstar.

I tested on every device out there. Plays just fine on 4G.

How is this related to OpenWrt?

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It works without OpenWRT.

Does it work on your internet provider with a non-openwrt router, or is it just on 4G that you can make it work? Perhaps the problem is really your ISP or DNS or such?

Yes, it does work with a non-openwrt router. Weirdly.

does it work on an OpenWrt router with factory settings?

I've reflashed with a latest snapshot build, still doesn't work.

no ad blockers or anything built in, just standard snapshot?

Is this content multicast iptv or is it http based like DASH or whatnot?


Disabling Adblock worked. Thanks.

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