NordVPN: how i should set private and public key?

Did you resolved?

Anyway i will use this topic if anyone could help.

Reading and using the up-mentioned thread: [Instruction] Config NordVPN wireguard (Nordlynx) on OpenWrt - #25

I am getting always delay to configure it every time but maybe could be something wrongly configured.

And anyways the issues seems to be on authentication, maybe because is not so clear on that configuration thread;

So my question is how i should set private and public key, since the compiling form where changed since this thread was made?

I don't think i should use them twice in my "server" side and peer side.

And also, because i am still waiting to get a 5G modem, could be possible some data leak of my keys, if badly configured or even someone didn't get the right configuration at all?

You should consider making your own thread.