Noob question- How to throttle bandwith per IP/MAC number?

I have recently flashed the official lede build for my Linksys WRT1900 acs and was curious if it possible to set a cap for how much bandwidth a certain IP can use? This feature was included in the previous router I had(TP-Link, Archer C7.) My reason for doing this is to throttle my younger brother's Playstation 4 since consoles don't need much bandwidth in the first place. Thanks for reading

Here is an example:


I assume that you have observed that the Playstation 4 interferes with your connectivity/responsiveness. Do you have measurements that show this?

I strongly recommend trying SQM first. It guarantees fairness between the computers competing for bandwidth. (Howto:

Try SQM alone, and repeat the measurements. If it has solved the problem, great - you're done. And if it hasn't, then of course, look for alternatives that solve the problem.

There is already a similar thread: Throttle bandwidth per IP/Mac?

Why have you now opened a new one for the exact same topic?

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I wasn't aware that there was another but I can't find the solution in that one either?

I already have SQM configured onto the router. It works fairly well at reducing latency on my network but i'd still like to set a cap to how much certain devices can receive bandwidth.