NOOB - Archer c60 as accss point


I have an Archer c60 V2. I would like to use as access point bringing signal from my router through ethernet cable and replicate the wifi at 2nd floor of the house.

Since ACCESS POINT options is not available in standard firmware, I installed Open WRT.

The problem is : IT LOOKS VERY COMPLEX !

I tried to setup the wifi as ACCESS POINT, but then I don't understand if I need to which INTERFACE links: WAN, WAN6 or LAN ?

Is there any user guide for dummies I can check?

There is the dumbAP guide.
It is describing the steps when connecting to console by SSH, so if you find it hard you can do it from Luci web interface.
Essentially you need to change the IP/mask/gateway/dns of the LAN interface to match the subnet of the router.
Also from the interface page disable DHCP server (tick the ignore interface box) and disable everything in IPv6.
You can skip the step to bridge the wan port if you find it complicated and you don't need it.

Access point is available on standard firmware.

All you need is to make IP address of device static (like and then to stop DHCP server.

That's all!

Hello Thanks for the answer,
unfortunately the standard firmware of my version (V2) doesn't allow to setup a access point mode

The only possibility is

Standar router ip is
Archer C60: will have as WAN ip 192.168.1.xx and as LAN ip 192.168.2.yy


Maybe it's me .. but using as Access point it shouldn't have a single network, meaining all devices should be connected as 192.168.1.xx (in order to allow roaming, in case i walk from a room where router signal is stroinger, to another where Access Point have a better coverage) ?

many thanks,

You will not use the wan connection. LAN IP will be 192.168.1.x

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Yes, actually it was the 1st line in your guide "DO NOT USE THE WAN PORT" :smiley:

Ok, I made it. It was non working because since my router has adress, first I had to change the AP ip adress (and save) and then I could set as gateway.

Now it seems to work. Actually how can I know if my device is connected to the WIFI antenna of the AP or the Router?


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If you are using the same SSID then you might be able to see the BSSID of the Access Point.
Otherwise you'll have to check the Access Point web interface.

Or with WiFi Analzyer

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Is it possible to increase the Wifi power from 20db to 27db?


No, if it is not allowed in your region.

what if it's allowed?

Anyway, setting zone US, I can go up to 22db. better than nothing

You'll see it as an option.

In addition, increasing power is not always good since it generates interference and noise in the electromagnetic spectrum.