No Wi-Fi interfaces on the RT-AC68U router

Friends, good day! Please tell me why I don't have WiFi interfaces? :frowning: I Installed the Openwrt firmware on the ASUS RT-AC68U, flashed it according to the instructions, i.e. through the recovery mode with the ASUS Utility Firmware Restoration. What I need to do to fix this problem. The Wi-Fi indicators on the router are not lit.

Because that is the openwrt default. Use an ethernet cable to connect to your router and setup the wireless interfaces from ssh or from Luci (if this is not installed run the following commands via SSH: opkg update and opkg install Luci)

I specially attached screenshots to show that LuCi is installed, I am connected via cable, there are no wifi interfaces.

RT-AC68u is a Broadcom device. Unless I'm mistaken, there is no wifi support.

Imho, you should use RMerlin AsusWrt or DDWRT where there is wifi support.


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