No SSH on Google Ac-1304

Thanks for looping me in. This is unlikely to be your problem, but note that I've fielded some confusions/issues from other users at: Google WIFI - can't make flashed OpenWrt permanent - dd error

I plan to make some Wiki updates eventually...

To your problem: if the system is up and requesting DHCP addresses from your uplink, then that sounds like you're booting OK, and the remaining SSH problems sound more like a general OpenWrt problem.

Dumb question (since I've also hit these things as a new user): are you trying to SSH via your WAN-side link/address, or via a LAN connection? Upthread, you show a DHCP address of -- that sounds like your WAN address, and by default, OpenWrt's SSH configuration does not allow SSH via the WAN port. You'd need to connect to the LAN port, and SSH to