No shell internet access on access-point behind router

Hi there,
I have a rather long standing issue that I want to sort out. I've multiple devices with OpenWrt (19.07). One is configured as a router ( with DHCP). Another is configured as an access-point ( without DHCP). Both devices have fixed IP addresses. This configuration works well for any (mobile/wired) device that connects either to the router or AP.
However, there is no internet connection in the shell interface of the access-point. For example, an 'opkg update' results in 'Failed to establish connection' errors. As a result I cannot install luci-ssl. I do have internet connection in the shell of the router.
Can anyone help me with this?

Make sure to specify the default gateway and DNS in the network config.


@alpenblauwtje assuming your issue is the missing Gateway and DNS you can avoid such issues by having the AP as DHCP Client and just assign it a fixed IP on the router.


@vgaetera @faser Thank you both for your suggestions. I'll try it. But for my understanding, can anyone elaborate on why any connected device on the AP has internet access and the shell of the AP hasn't? Because a connected device gets gateway/DNS assigned via DHCP?

Exactly, for them the AP is transparent as they only "talk" with the router


This did the trick, thanks both for your help!

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