No profile for WNDR3700 v4

First try building packages so please bear with me. I want to build following packages for my WNDR3700 v4:

  • Lua 5.3
  • luv
  • libubus-lua
  • lua-mosquitto

Following the single package instruction I hit a roadblock when running make menuconfig. There is no profile for my router in "Target profile", only for v1 and v2.

How do I get a profile for v4 in there?

Also how do tell the builder to use Lua 5.3 for those libraries?

You are probably looking at the wrong place.
Netgear used the same WNDR3700 name for 5 router models, of which 4 were completely different...

WNDR3700v1 WNDR3700v2 and WNDR3800 are sister devices in ath79/generic

But WNDR3700v4 is in ath79/nand
See e.g.

...and v3 is BCM47xx/Broadcom, and v5 is Ramips/Mediatek ...


Thank you I found it because of the NAND hint. Switching to Generic device with NAND flash in Subtarget and then a profile was listed for my router.

When I try to build luv it builds that library just for the default Lua 5.1 but not for Lua 5.3. Do I have to edit some config to tell the process to build against the more recent version of Lua?

There is the separate liblua5.3 package, which you need to include. But I am not sure how you can force the end user libraries to use it. You could try changing the depends line in Makefile all those packages to point into liblua5.3 instead of liblua.

I will give it a try, maybe the build gods are with me this time :slight_smile:

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