No output from UART headers

I am failing to get any output connecting to my Archer A6 v3 using this connected to my Linux box.

% tio /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A571Y6HI-if00-port0 
[08:23:37.558] tio v2.3
[08:23:37.558] Press ctrl-t q to quit
[08:23:37.561] Connected

From what I read, I should at least be able to see what I am typing. No keys I type are shown. I must have it connected incorrectly.

My reference for identifying the UART headers on the Archer A6 is this pic.

According to the image on amazon:

black = ground
orange = tx
yellow = rx

So I used a MM extension like this:

And inserted them into the UART headers on the board like this:

When I powered on the Archer A6, I applied gentle pressure to the prongs to insure contact. What am I doing wrong?

you got the pins wrong, compared to the pic in the old thread.

you should be able to see your own writing, if you disconnect (from the router) and short,
the RX and TX pins.
if you don't, the error isn't with the router.

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Damn, pic was rotated alright. Thanks, it works as expected now.

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