No Output From Serial - AC1300UHP

Hi all,
Trying to install OpenWrt via serial, soldered the pins and bought a pl2303 USB to serial adapter from Prolific Technology.
Installing from Debian because there seems to be no working drivers for Windows 10.
I ensured that ttyUSB0 is the correct serial port, the supplied voltage is 3.3 and the serial adapter is registered. However, when I press the the power button, I'm not getting any serial output or boot logs, it is the same for both minicom and putty, the settings I used were 8n1 and 115200.
Any idea what could be wrong? The router boots up fine, able to access the default ASUS firmware.

you shouldn't connect the 3.3V, but GND, RX & TX.

try shorting the RX and TX pins, then you should be able to see your own typing in the terminal app.

Thanks man, finally getting the output.
I permanently shorted RX & TX with a blob of solder on the pl2303 if that is what you meant.
I was able to choose option 1, which is to load sys code to the ram, however, cant seem to edit the filename or the address of the tftp server, I set my computer's ip as the default tftp server ip indicated but the device kept rebooting because it can't find the original asus file, is there like another key or something for me to press in order to edit the filename and ip addresses? I'm using putty by the way. Can't even seem to press 1 in minicom.

i meant shortening the pins temp to test if the pl2303 works ....
you don't need to change the file name or IP in the boot loader, since they're both known.
change the IP of your tftp computer, and name of the file.

Oh damn...
I mean, temporarily shorting those 2 with a screw driver gave me a bunch of weird looking chars, and as long as I stop shorting them there's no more output...
If the file they are looking for is, do I change the downloaded OpenWrt file into
The extensions are different I think.

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I tried editing my previous post requesting for help but can't seem to be able to do so now, but basically I had problems not being able to get an output from my router via serial, the problem is due to the fact that I mismatched the TX and RX pin out. Some of those cheap USB to serial adapters have different labelling, you might want to connect the TX of the adapter to the RX of the router and vice versa. (Would appreciate it if I can get the wiki's editing rights so I could add this into the wiki)