No more snapshot after 23/11?

HI, looking at I see that there aren't no more snapshot after 23/11, is it true?
Cheers zWolf

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Images still seem to be being built ok:

I had an email from the openwrt-announce mail list informing of an outage of the download server. I'll include it below.

Here is an email from Jo-Philipp about the recent download server outage:

---- forwarded message ----

yesterday, on Monday the 23rd around 20:00 UTC, the primary download
server ( experienced
total connectivity loss which lasted until approx. Tuesday, 24th 11:00 UTC.

The reason for the downtime was, according to our hosting provider, a
hardware failure of the machine serving the download repositories.

The server has been replaced now and is back on-line. Additionally we're
still in the process of acquiring CDN coverage to avoid such situations
in the future (thanks, Paul).

Until then, I'd like to use the opportunity to point to our mirrors [1]
which you can use to download OpenWrt binaries in case the main download
server is unavailable.

Please excuse the inconvenience and troubles caused.

Kind regards,
Jo-Philipp Wich

Thanks a lot @poddmo.


No worries. I noticed a while back that snapshot is not mirrored to the mirrors and that's understandable given the daily volume of data. But the lack of snapshot availability has a cost on development and hopefully it too can get more resources in the future.

And when can we expect current snapshots?

The absence of master snapshots and packages sounds actually like a bug.

Yes, there was server trouble on Nov 23, but it should be over now. At least that was how I read the message from @jow

And packages for 19.07 do get updated, but master packages do not...

I think that the download server has now been synced more properly.
Master snapshot build images and packages from today are visible again.

The answer to my question on the mailing list yesterday :

an rsync process was stuck since nov 23 and stalled further updates among the mirror servers. Killing the hanging process brought the entire machinery back on track.