No internet on LAN ports

I am using OpenWRT on Linksys EA8500 first time and not able to get internet on LAN ports of the router.

I am using Luci web interface and have no knowledge of SSH.

The configuration is as follows:
Router - Linksys EA8500
OpenWRT version - 18.06
Broadband - Aussi Broadband
Fibre connection - FTTP
Primary router - Tp-link D7 using Dynamic IP

I am using TPLINK as primary router because I could not get OpenWRT to get internet from fibre modem using DHCP client protocol.

LAN and WAN details are shown in the image below.


Primary router's LAN is connected to OpenWRT's WAN.

I am following the guide ( where it asks to change LAN IPv4 IP if LAN and WAN IP are same. When I change the IP to and go to new IP, I could not connect ti Luci.

I can connect to Internet via radio0 and radio1by adding wan to the network.

I would appreciate any help.

The screenshot still shows the lan address as did you change it ?

Hi @mbo2o,

The screenshot is pre-update.

After update to, I could not access Luci web-interface.

time to learn ssh and vi
ssh root@

vi /etc/config/network

With an extensive help from @mbo2o the issue is resolved.

The issue was caused when l changed the LAN IPv4 to using Luci and the change was not applied properly.

I did not wait for Revert changes dialogue box and rebooted the router. This action caused me to get locked out of Luci interface using old or new IP.

The issue was resolved by logging in via SSH and updating the LAN IPV4 using vi command.

The lesson here is to start learning SSH.

You have another issue being tracked here: Apply unchecked - Confusion