No internet on Lan ports wifi is good

Hello friends, I am at a loss. I need some help getting the 4 lan ports to connect.

I have turned off the vlan.

Wifi will connect with as many devices as you want. Internet is a sim card on lte.

When I connect the to the lan ports. I get no internet connection. This used to work with out an issue. Im not sure what else to turn on or off.

Thanks again for your help.
Paul Wood

Model AWF-5G
Firmware Version OpenWrt Barrier Breaker unknown / LuCI Trunk (svn-r10457)
Powered by LuCI Trunk (svn-r10457) OpenWrt Barrier Breaker unknown


This is an ancient version of the firmware and is considered vulnerable. If this is your device then it's highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest firmware before looking into solving the problem.

You would need the sysupgrade image for the upgrade. Don't save the settings when you do the upgrade, as your current firmware is ancient and then incompatibility could be possible. You may however backup the settings as a compressed archive, and then use that to selectively copy and paste what you need instead of typing them again.

You may also wait for a second opinion about whether you can upgrade to 19.07.2 directly or if you should consider upgrading to an intermediate version first.


What @Hegabo said.
When you start with the new version don't erase the vlans or turn them off, you'll break the physical ports.