No internet for linksys wrt1200AC after upgrading to openwrt18

Obligatory: first time poster, sorry if I'm not coming out clear etc.

So I've recently upgrade my installation of OpenWRT, because of random crashes from the routers side. What version I had before was an old one, which number I can't remember. But it was about 3 years ago I installed it.

Now after I flashed the new update, using LuCi's interface, I can connect to LuCi, but I cant connect to the internet.

I dunno if this is relevant, but my setup is:

  • ISPN: YouSee Denmark
  • I'm getting my internet through broadband, thus need YouSee's own router to interpret the signal, so that is in bridge mode.
  • A Linksys WRT1200AC as the router

What I've tried:

  • Re-flashing OpenWRT on the Linksys router through LuCi
  • Restarting router and restarting the bridge router several times and for longer periods
  • Enabling and disabling the broadcast option
  • Changing the MAC

Wifi and network config
Kernel log

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Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Did you keep defaults after flashing?

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First thing to check would be to find out whether the OpenWrt router has internet connection or not, buy pinging an internet address form LuCi (or SSH).


So here is the
System log

Finally I can post again.
Yes I did keep settings (which is what I assume you ment), after reflashing without keeping the settings, there was no trouble. Ty for all your help!

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