No internet connection to ISP through DHCP on my Xiaomi AC2100

Please help me to connect my router to provider. Automatic connection don't work. Technitian on provider side said that problem on my side. Also I tried some tutorials but it didn't worked for me. Right now interfaces stay in default options.

Did you use the router earlier, and it worked before you switched to OpenWRT ?

Yes. It worked well.

Is there a modem in your house? Try to turn it off for 30 minutes, then turn it on and connect the router. Usually the modems are caching the first registered mac address and don't work if you connect another device, or the same device with different mac.

No, I don't have a modem. Live in appartment building. Device by the way may connect to wi-fi and work with it. Is there any features with ISPs depending of country where I lives?

Are you getting an IP on the WAN port ? what IP is it ?
public ? NAT ( 192.168.x.y ) ?

To which wifi does it connect?
What is the uplink to the internet?

I have grey IP address is that what you mean. I don't have static IP from my ISP. Also there is problem right now. Previously I turned off router and now connected to it with my laptop and there is no connection. Command ipconfig on my sys say that subnet mask = and there is no primary gateaway at all. Last time I have forced to make hard reset and begin all again (instll luCI and all). Is there any way with CLI to safety shotdown?

It may connect to my "ZyXEL keenetic OMNII 2". It's main uplink to the Internet.

You can follow this guide to connect as a client.

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Yap. But as I understand there is no way to connect to my ISP with OpenWrt router directly? I can make my OpenWrt device as repeater but I need to make it as main device for home internet.

How will you connect to your ISP directly? You mentioned that you don't have a modem and that your uplink is wifi.

Sorry I'm total ignorant. Try to describe it simpler.1) I need to connect Xiaomi AC2100 with OpenWrt to internet through wan port with cable from my internet provider. But it won't work. 2) I can raise old router and connect OpenWrt router to wi-fi that my the old one is transmitted. But I need to complete first paragraph. What can I do for this?

Where does this cable go? Into the wall or some other device?

The default installation of OpenWrt will try to connect by DHCP from wan port. In case that doesn't automatically work you can contact your ISP and ask them if there is any mac address conflict when you connect your OpenWrt.

It goes just into the wall and I don't know to what kind of device is next. Maybe some switch - I don't know realy. Many thanks. I'll ask about mac address conflict.

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Provider told me that there is no mac router gives to them. They advised me to clone mac from previous router to OpenWrt router. But where exactly I can put cloned mac in this case?

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And also man told me that mac sometimes needed to be written through "-" instead ":". What format is right in OpenWrt?

In linux it is written with :, the - is usual in windows.

No. It's not the solution. Mac overriding is not worked. The device is not sending his mac.