No Internet Access after Initial Installation


with help from this Forum I was able to install OpenWRT on my Ubiquiti AP AC PRO and now Im trying to configure it correctly. I configured Wifi as described in the guide.

I connected the Main Port of the UAP with the POE Port (of the UPOE af) and the LAN Port (of the UPOE af) with the LAN Port of my my Router, the one which is normally connected to my PC.

But when I connect to the Wifi I can see that my UAP doesnt have acces to the Internet?

Under Network -> Interfaces LAN is green and has an IPv4 and IPv6 Adress, but WAN and WAN6 are red and dont have IP Adresses. Did I connect something wrong or need to change some settings?


Connect the WAN port to your LAN router...

Thanks, but how do I know which is the WAN Port? There are two Ports on the UAP, labeled Main Port and Secondary Port and then there is a Port labeled LAN in the UPOE af.

If you don't know you can always flip a coin :upside_down_face: :wink:

The colours green and red are just to indicate which firewall zone the interface is in, it has nothing to do with whether the interface is up or down.

Most of the UAP series has only one port. OpenWrt will default the single port to being LAN. It is not clear if OpenWrt for the Pro sets up the second port as wan automatically.

Go to edit the WAN network and check the physical settings. Also check the switch configuration.

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The Main Port is the one who needs the POE Cable while the Secondary Port seems to be tha WAN Port, this was set up correctly out of the Box, I just injected the cables falsely. Thanks fot the help!

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