No ifname on LAN TL-WDR4300

After initial flash 18.06.2 on TL-WDR4300 the LAN interface doesn't have

option ifname 'eth0.1'

and LAN ports are not bridged to wireless.

I looked into 02_network and all looks correct.

Can anyone push me in the right direction to fix it?

Can you please post the current contents of the network config file?


Sry for the picture, I don't have this device but got a couple of complaints. They sent me as a picture.

This user installed Openwrt, configured pppoe and found out that he can't ping anything connected to lan ports. This is a second complaint. It is also mentioned at

I think it is a major bug and trying to fix it.

Could you please point out where exactly in that page is the bug mentioned?

The switch ports may turn out to be not properly bridged in a default bootup config, causing connection failure. In this case you need to setup /etc/config/network or do manual swconfig setup - see switchfor advice.