No documentetaion for tplink Archer A5 V4. 20

From what i see there is no documentetaion on this router, i own one wich i have bricked and im trying to find document about the UART pins on the board and there is none can some one help?

No markings nothing and rn i dont have the things with me in order to check the pins

This is just an educated guess based on the traces and components, but I'd say from top to bottom Tx, Rx, G, Vcc.

  • Bottom connection goes to a branching trace that seems to connect to multiple components in parallel - it looks like the Vcc rail
  • Second from bottom looks like it connects to nothing else, so looks like it may be on the ground plane
  • Top two have resistors, likely pull resistors or current-limiting.

Since that's an unusual configuration for a UART connection, I would be careful about proceeding without a tester.

Most USB to serial adapters don't need Vcc from the serial port. So if you can't wait for a tester, what I would do is connect the serial port's ground to a known ground point on the device - those exposed ground lines for what looks like a solder-trace for a ground shield is a good candidate. Then you can experiment with the Tx and Rx lines on the UART pins, which should be relatively safe.

That said, do proceed with caution.