No Docker dropdown menu in LuCI for luci-app-dockerman? (22.03)

I upgraded from 22.03.2 to 22.03.3 by making a full new installation. After I install all packages I used before somehow now there is no dropdown menu for the Docker tab in the top menu. I can not find a way to access the other menu options as I could on the previous OpenWRT installation. Before in my old 22.03.2 installation there was a dropdown menu for luci-app-dockerman where I could see all running containers etc. I have tried to reinstall the packages but with no result.

These packages are installed:

I backported a fix from master to 22.03.

(Buildbot will build new packages, for all targets in maybe 2-3 days.)

Aha, nice! Thank you!
You mean there will be an update to the luci-app-dockerman package in a few days, in LuCI software section?

Yes, but apparently when the package has been imported, it has had the automatic LuCI versioning (that 95% of LuCI packages use) removed, and all later changes still show up as v0.5.13.

(But any version built after now should be ok, although the version is the same.)

I will add something to the version, so that visibly differs from the old version.

I updated the new version to be v0.5.13-20230114