No connection to main router with LAN

Hello everyone. For some dumb reason i decided to educate myself a little and try things out :smiley:
I installed openwrt 21.02 on a fritzbox 7362 SL, what worked just fine.

Now i try to establish a connection to my Mainrouter (fritzbox 7560) but am failing.
What works is connecting the openwrt 7362SL by Wifi to my mainrouter. Then i have connection to the internet with clients connected to the openwrt.

IP Adress Range of the Mainrouter is
IP Adress Range of the openwrt is

For LAN connection i connect the WAN Port of the openwrt to a LAN Port of the 7560 (Mainrouter).

I Configure the Interfaces like this:

Unfortunately the openwrt is not showing up as an client on the mainrouter and also not able to connect to the internet.

I know, that this seems to be a really dumg question and i am overseeing thinks, but i hope someone can help me out.

static WAN IP ?
then you need to add DNSes to the interface yourself, it would also explain why it doesn't show in the client list, there's no active DHCP lease.

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Also the gateway needs to be configured. If in doubt, switch the protocol of the wan interface to dhcp client.

The Fritz!Box 7362SL doesn't have a WAN port, what you describe as WAN is the grey connector of its VDSL modem and also explicitly marked as such (DSL). VDSL and ethernet are not the same (that's why you generally need a xDSL modem in the first place), nor compatible with each other - connecting VDSL to an ethernet connector might even damage the port permanently.

Just like with the OEM firmware, you will have to redefine one of your LAN ports as WAN, by removing it from the LAN bridge (master)/ VLAN (<=21.02.x) and defining it as WAN interface; the OEM firmware uses LAN1 for this, but using OpenWrt you can choose freely.


wow. thanks a lot. this was the issue.
after following this steps
to configure the wan port connection established.
now i have a base to try more. internetconnection is only 60mbit/s instead of 100. maybe because double nat or hardware limitations of the 7362sl. i will see :slight_smile:

thanks a lot again!!!

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