No Connection to LuCi

Hello there,

My name is thomas and i am from Austria. At first i want to say sorry for my english and for creating my problem with an CF-E320N V2.
I bought it on wish only for some experiments.

Yesterday i installed a false firmware via the webview on the OEM view.
After that, i have got a new webview (OpenWRT?) with username root. I didnt knew the password.

Than i pressed the reset button for about 10 seconds. Now i see the Access Point on my POE Switch with adress
If i visit this adress, there is only a text " LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface".

I cant reach the AP with Putty or something.

May someone be so kind to help me a bit? I am not an genius on PC as you see :smiley:
Maybe someone can take a look with teamviewer?

With best regards

Make screenshot of browser visiting with LuCI, is there any form to fill user?

I see on my "fritzbox" router this device ... (Acesspoint)
When i click on this device/ip it open this site

After view seconds or click on the text "LuCI - LUA Config...":

Just re-install OpenWrt using u-boot recovery. Please refer to the docs.