NMRP not working on Linksys E7350

The E3750 device page shows that it's compatible with NMRP, however when I try to use nmrpflash it times out. I do see packets being sent to the router so I think I see that my command is correct. The Belkin RT1800 is also listed as compatible with NMRP.

These are the only non-Netgear devices listed for this Netgear proprietary protocol, is it possible that there's a mistake?

I'd really like to use NMRP as it will let me avoid opening the device to access the serial port to install. Welcome any help anyone can offer.

@neheb I believe you implemented support for the E7350, can you please confirm if it supports NMRP? I'm planning to update the wiki and remove the reference once I have access.

I have no idea what that is.

I have never heard of NMRP outside of Netgear. If non-Netgear devices would use NMRP, there would be numerous ones, not only a few models.
EDIT : in order to know, you need to monitor the boot with a serial console link. You will (or not) see a NMRP related message.

I have monitored the boot process as serial console access was required to install OpenWrt. I didn't see any NMRP related messages. I'm going to remove the reference from the page once I'm able to edit.

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I changed it from NMRP to serial. I guess it's an error while first entering the data.

Same with the RT1800, I would assume.