Nlbwmon not responding

Along the lines of this older post I saw that nlbwmon stops responding after a day or so.


  • luci shows no graphs
  • "nlbw -c show" stalls

I had already restarted the service before finding that post, so no trace today.
CPU usage wasn't anything special.

Other than tracing next time it happens, anything else I should do / add ?

Which version was installed/running exactly? The next time this happens, please try to capture an strace log using strace -f -p $(pidof nlbwmon)

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I'm using OpenWRT 18.06.4, so it's version 2019-06-06-4574e6e8-1
I made a note to look at this post next time it happens.

strace: Can't stat '32469': No such file or directory

However, strace -f -p 25006 gives an endless sequence of:
recvmsg(7, {msg_namelen=12}, 0^C = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)

(I was testing IPV6 prefix assignments and I restarted the network a LOT)

Hmm, today I rebooted the router multiple times to test ipv6 changes and now the db is gone :frowning:
Any tips?