NIC in Fujitsu futro stops OpenWrt loading

I'm trying to set up a Fujitsu Futro thin client as an openwrt device with adell branded intel gigabit ET quadport server adapter NIC. Openwrt loads OK without the NIC but with the NIC the boot priority set in bios (the ssd disk with openwrt set to first boot device) seems to be ignored. Can any one point me to bios settings which would stop this. I think the card may be trying to do a boot from network but I don't know how to stop this. Any suggestions or pointer to a better place to post this welcome.

No pointers in the BIOS about PXE booting being enabled?

PXE booting can take long, depending on time out value.

If you suspect PXE, fire up wireshark/tcpdump and listen to the traffic coming from the ports.

It could also be a power issue, the computer simply doesn't boot with the card installed.

PXE boot is disabled according to the bios settings with the card removed. Can't tell with the card in.

PXE boot setting in BIOS probably only applies to the onboard NIC.

doesn't it start at all, with the card in ?

There is a flashing underscore cursor after a boot like interval. On power on the hd light flashes once The card is recognised and functional when in a Win11 pc and is showing no errors in device manager .
With the card out it goes to opewrt without the fujitsu boot screen and the bios is accessible with F2

Which Futro edition do you have?

There have recently been threads about certain Futro editions that seem to have issues with reliably powering quad NICs, while dual NICs are ok.
(for details search forum for „Futro“)

Since yours seems to accept ether SSD or NIC, maybe the combination of both devices overwhelms available board power?


Not sure about the edition but its a 2 core 2200 MHz processor with a board GS D3313-G13 3 and a build date of 09/21/2017

Probably time to revisit eBay unless I can get a cheap two port nic

What @pico said.

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Keep in mind that these have been designed as thin client devices, not for high-power addon cards (as, e.g., multi-port ethernet or graphics cards would be).

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