Nginx ssl support

Hi. I installed nginx and configured a reverse proxy. It works as expected.
Unfortunately there is an error when trying to set ssl (the "ssl" parameter requires ngx_http_ssl_module in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf).
Can someone tell me what the procedure is to install nginx with ssl support?

Does this help?


I've never configured it as a reverse proxy under OpenWrt (though have with FreeBSD), but for OpenWrt, installing the luci-nginx-ssl luci-ssl-nginx collection has been turn-key for me.

(With apologies for my error)

I get an error when I try to install "luci-nginx-ssl".

root@OpenWrt2:~# opkg install luci-nginx-ssl
Unknown package 'luci-nginx-ssl'.
Collected errors:

  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package luci-nginx-ssl.

I started with that guide but I can't install the mentioned package luci-nginx-ssl.


don't think it is in 18.x if that is what you are running.


Yes. I'm running OpenWrt 18.06.5, r7897-9d401013fc.
Is there some other option for an ssl reverse proxy working on 18.x?

maybe squid w privoxy, but its been > 10 years since I poked at squid. If moving to 19.x is an option, I would suggest nginx as the preferred option.

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I wasn't even aware that there is version 19 :slight_smile:
So nginx ssl is supported on version 19 but not on 18?
Not sure about the upgrade possibility. I'm running openwrt on a Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD.

It's still an RC (#2 I think). All I can tell you regarding support is that is is listed in the 19.x gitlog. If an image is there for your device, I assume it is an option.

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After upgrading to version 19.07. I can confirm that the nginx version available with 19.07. supports ssl.
Thank you!

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