NFT-QOS on 22.03.0

I'm testing this and
rate limiting by IP works for up and down
rate limiting by MAC works for up but not for down
Down limit is totally ignored but it does show in the /tmp/qos.nft and does show correctly with

nft list ruleset

 table inet nft-qos-mac {
         chain upload {
                 type filter hook postrouting priority filter; policy accept;
                 ether saddr da:45:xx:xx:xx:xx limit rate over 2 mbytes/second drop
         chain download {
                 type filter hook prerouting priority filter; policy accept;
                 ether daddr da:45:xx:xx:xx:xx limit rate over 3 mbytes/second drop

Has anyone got this working via MAC?
I'm using 22.03.0 x86 64

NFT-QoS unable to ratelimit using mac address - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

no mac in inet table when hook postrouting ,use bridge table

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