Nexx WT3020 uboot instructions?

On the openwrt forums (RIP) there was a thread about the Nexx WT3020 explaining step-by-step how to go from stock firmware to breed uboot before flashing openwrt/lede. There were also instructions on how to go back to stock, and links to the specific breed uboot rom image and stock image.

I still have the breed uboot rom and original stock image, but the thread with step-by-step instructions is no longer accessible. If memory serves me right, the specific post was made by some "alan" in the year 2011 I believe. Anyone has a copy of these instructions?

What is your question:

How to install breed?
How to go back to stock firmware?

I hope someone stiil has a copy of that post saved, or at least can help with:

found all kinds of instructions, and createed an index thread:

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