NextDNS as DNS resolver


This is more consulting than asking fo technical help, because I know how to modify DNS.

The main thing is:

I want to set up DNS filtering. How secure/private NextDNS? Do you recommend it? Or better use AdguardDNS?

i use nextdns for home - its performance and configuratbility have been great.

go to your personal nextdns login page. on the 'setup' tab, there will be 2 ipv4 dns server addresses. put these in the 'use custom dns server' boxes in your openwrt router WAN interface ->advanced tab.

refresh your WAN interface -> you should be using your nextdns dns servers. your personal nextdns home page will tell you if you have done this correctly.

Unless you use encrypted DNS (DoH/DoT), your ISP can still hijack your DNS requests and alter results. I'd recommend https-dns-proxy and luci-app-https-dns-proxy on OpenWrt 23.05 if you want to use either AdguardDNS or NextDNS securely.