Newly flashed device preserved old settings for WRT1200AC

seems flashing a router can randomly preserve previous settings.
my case is wrt1200ac version 1.

original post:

I have no access to wired device so I have to flash my router through wifi, but after reboot I'm not able to login to router because the ssid "openwrt" is encrypted.
The case is I searched for a long time and cannot get any information about default wifi login password.
I tried:
- FAQs
- Quick Start Guide
- Google "password wifi"
- Google "password wlan"
- Google "password wlan lede"
- User guide

So what is it?
 I really think this should go to FAQs.

I think that by default the SSID is LEDE, there is no encryption and wifi is disabled...

If you have a SSID of "openwrt" with encryption, you have likely installed a non-default build. Which build? A community build?

I downloaded this file:
from here:
which I get from

I think this is pretty default...
If this is not default, from whom can I get the password for the wifi?
I have to use wifi to flash the router.

Have you earlier used another build? Because that "openwrt" does not match the LEDE default. So possibly you have preserved earlier settings from somewhere. If you have e.g. used Arokh's Openwrt build, it would have SSID: OpenWRT, Password: changeme ( )

(wrt1200ac uses mwlwifi, but I don't think that it would have different defaults than other mac80211 wifi drivers.)

Highly possible.
So install a new linux preserves old setup :thinking:
This is bizarre...

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You would need to have a device to connect to the router wired regardless of whether the settings were saved or not since you chose to flash LEDE which has wifi disabled by default. Try entering your previous password used for the broadcasted OpenWRT accesspoint as an attempt to access the router. If that doesn't work, a wired connection is your only hope.


I flashed it again and the ssid "openwrt" is gone, seems this time it did not preserve the old settings. Maybe it's some hardware issue. I guess I'll have to find a wired device to do the flashing again.

Any way, disabling wifi seems to be a security concern, but it indeed disables wireless person.

Are you aware that wrt1200ac has two firmwares on its flash? And it is supposed to alternate between them when flashing a new firmware.

My guess is that you have flashed a new clean firmware but then the subsequent reboot has booted from the other firmware that had some old settings. And then after the next firmware flash you have finally booted from a clean status.

Btw, when flashing from Openwrt or LEDE there is a quite visible option for seleting if you want to keep old settings. (By default the old settings are kept, but you can disable that.)

But in any case, keeping settings works only if you flash from the LuCI GUI or from SSH console with the sysupgrade script. If you have flashed using some OEM tool (TFTP recovery etc.) or some other thrid-party tool, you likely have not kept settings. And then it might be question of "booting the other old firmware"...

Maybe it's my environment or something.
Actually I was flashing from factory firmware. My thought is that the new flashed should be in another storage rather than where the factory firmware is located, so when booting after flashing, if it's not the factory, it's newly flashed. I don't know if this is correct.

A verbal and programmatic description of the device partition usage. The OEM FW does use a mtd not used by LEDE, so on flashing back to OEM it is possible to have a percieved restore of a configuration.