NEWLIB C include/library

i want to use the NEWLIB C library ... can someone provide a guide on how to configure openwrt ??

@TC61, welcome to the community!

Your inquiry is not clear, what do you want to use the library for?

Is it:

  • to compile an image?
  • to compile/assemble an a.out file on the OpenWrt itself?
  • to cross compile a package?

(I listed them in descending order - of which is probably most difficult.)

Next, it should be noted that:

thank you for response. i am trying to cross compile some software in openwrt environment, and it included bunch of headers (such as ieeefp.h, reentry.h) that is only found in newlib include.

i am not familiar with how to

  1. grab this package
  2. configure openwrt to use this as the new cross compiler
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OK, I moved your thread to the For Developers section. Hopefully this will bring readers more tuned to what you're seeking.