Newifi D2 Terrible WiFi Performance on OpenWrt

when I leave 2.4ghz on channel 1, 5 ghz is more stable.
here is the firmware information

note: 5ghz on channel 44 to 80mhz

achieve stability with channel 36 to 80 mhz (5 ghz to 40 mb / s) and 2.4 ghz channel 1 to 40 mhz, yes it is not 100mb / s on wifi 5. would this be possible?

or would the wifi driver of the notebook limit the speed, use in the same router comfort?

i have solved all my wifi problem with this eeprom on both my two newfi D2! Thank you @motocrossmann !

try channel 36 I thought it best

I have received 2 box's & surprise use same MAC values -> network conflict

solved after edit with label values ..

performances are good for 2.4 & 5ghz

Even my 2 NeWiFi d2...Same mac on both :wink:

jaclyes89 ->

You can edit with breed option MAC

Good WIFI speed : Pandorabox firmware at this time ...

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yes, done just after i notice the same mac on both

how much speed difference in speedtest from openwrt/padvan?

Sorry i not use OpenWrt because cannot pass TV flux Orange

Have one of these on order. Would love to know the outcome!

It performs well, Good range and stability, use the EEPROM on the minihere site...the only problem Is on wifi 5ghz...i can only use Channel 36...otherwise the wlan1 interface became disabled...

For WIFI 5G & DFS channels i have also this prolem at first time

You can add country parameters : for me FRANCE i use FR and no problems with PandoraBox 18.02

I also have a NeWiFi D2.
I confirm that my results are also better with EEPROM from minihere.

What WiFi settings and firmware version did you achieve the best stable results? @jaclyes89, @Eduardof187, @motocrossmann

So far, I've only tested the recommended settings listed here on the thread.

Here are my best results:
channel: 1; 40 mhz; country: FR; DTIM Interval: 1; tx-Power: 8 dBm

  • ↓: 40mbps
  • ↑: 30mbps (max from ISP)

channel: 36; 80mhz; country: FR; DTIM Interval: 1; tx-Power: 23 dBm(199 mW)

  • ↓: 240mbps
  • ↑: 30mbps (max from ISP)

ISP: ↓: 300mbps ↑:30mbps

Tested at a distance of about 1m.
I am using the OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72 firmware.

PS: Stability has not been tested.

i have 3 newifi d2 on the same network
ISP: ↓: 60mbps ↑:8mbps

Channel: 13 and 5; 40 mhz; Country IT; DTIM 2; tx 8

↓: 60mbps (max from ISP)
↑: 8mbps (max from ISP)

channel: 60,100,36; 80mhz; country: IT; DTIM Interval: 2; tx-Power: 20 dBm

↓: 60mbps (max from ISP)
↑: 8mbps (max from ISP)

I am using the OpenWrt 21.02 SNAPSHOT r16097-c24c23e185 firmware.
Tested at a distance of about 2-5m.
Two newifi d2 are configured to serve both 2.4G and 5G.
One is in sta mode on 2.4G and serve wifi over 5G.
I will try putting a machine on the external net (before the ISP modem) and test with iperf the real performance...(isp speed are not the bottleneck :frowning: ...)

Thanks for testing.

Unfortunately, I set the LAN incorrectly, so I had to restart the whole router to the factory settings (i holded down the reset button for 5s).

After this factory setting, I was no longer able to replicate my previous results.

I try different combinations of settings and firmware all day, but I still have unstable slow WiFi. :persevere:

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm already crazy about it.
Can you please write a step-by-step procedure on how you have made all the changes to make WiFi work stably and quickly?

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First try the 21.02-SNAPSHOT :slight_smile:
i made some setting change from default config (like enabling "Disable Inactivity Polling" to avoid problem with all the stupid IOT device in home :wink: , enabling 802.11r, disabling 802.11w )... no "special" setting to make it work....

Thank you for the advice.
I have no idea how I did it, but I managed to set everything back to OpenWrt 19.07.7. :grinning: I prefer this version because it has simple VLAN settings.

I'll see how long it will works. In a few days I will write the result of stability.

I made the 19.07 firmware boot directly from the breed bootloader, 5ghz to 35mb / s download and 20mb / s upload, I believe that the limitation is already in the laptop driver, if possible prefer the standard wifi settings "channel 36, 80mhz, I had to change the channel due to a connection problem with one of my devices.